【Event Recap】Bacon Lantern Festival Party PRO: Spectacular Review

【Event Recap】Bacon Lantern Festival Party PRO: Spectacular Review

Bacon Magic successfully held the Lantern Festival Bacon Party PRO on February 24th at the Beijing Magic Woods Headquarters. Now let's take a look back at this lively offline magic party.

First up was NameKin, a member of the American 4F Close-up Magic Convention and a renowned magic UP host on Bilibili. NK presented a card routine that combined modern and traditional elements.

The second guest was the renowned mentalist, Master Tang Mingliang. As a highly creative magician, Master Tang once again shared his latest creation with everyone. Particularly, his fresh perspective on the traditional magic black-and-white ball left the audience thrilled.

The magic-filled morning passed by in the blink of an eye, with magic enthusiasts gathering together for lively exchanges during the lunch break.

In the afternoon, the first guest was the prolific renowned close-up magician, Long Long, who has released many popular magic props in recent years. This time, he shared some small creative ideas and methods related to the opening act, such as the Bottle Call and the Red-Blue Card Shuffle, leaving the audience greatly benefited.

Next was Jackie Sun, China's foremost small theater magician, who began with a signature act, unfolding a captivating story and interacting with online viewers, delivering an immersive magic performance. After the show, he shared insights into storytelling with the audience, enriching the art of magic for enthusiasts.

Previously, both Long Long and Jackie Sun had been performing regularly at the Suzhou Theater. In March of this year, our magic theater in Nanjing is set to open, with weekly shows featuring individual performances by various magicians. Everyone is welcome to come and support us.

Next up was Zhang Xiaowo, a pioneer in Chinese mentalism, who primarily focused on sharing performance methods and interacting with the magicians present. He introduced his experience and methods in performing the book test, emphasizing the importance of stage arrangement.

Following him was Harry He, a seasoned coin enthusiast and close-up magician. Proficient in coin magic, he skillfully engaged with the audience, emphasizing the atmosphere and feel of magic through his performance.

Next was Zee, a relatively low-profile young card close-up magician who recently opened a Bilibili account, attracting many fans. He shared some simple techniques related to coin magic and a torn-and-restored card routine in meticulous detail, benefiting the audience.

Then came Sean Yang, a famous magician and prop maker from Taiwan, and a performer at the American FFFF Close-up Magic Convention. Embracing a philosophy of practical magic, he presented a Deck Switch and a poker magic routine related to blessings, sharing his thoughts on Bacon Magic's Cake Cup, a popular prop.

Harapan, from Singapore, is one of the hottest close-up magicians in Asia in recent years, sharing a new card routine and techniques with the audience, layer by layer, leaving them intrigued. Additionally, Mr. Harapan is currently preparing for a tour of lectures in China, hoping for everyone's attention.

Next was Li Chenxin (Sinbad Max), the owner of the "Twelve Cities" magic bar in Beijing, and a professional magician. He shared practical details of several classic techniques in bar performances and engaged in lively exchanges with guests and audience members.

Finally, the eagerly awaited Master Richard Mo, whether it was the classic "Lighter Opening Act" or the stunning "Transparent Matrix," each move and technique from Master Mao had many fans. This time, Master Mao performed a mind-reading card magic, allowing J cards and A cards to assist in completing the entire magic, with meticulous structure and clean technique, while also sharing some techniques for controlling the situation and understanding the audience's thoughts.

The atmosphere at the event was as fiery as ever, with not only exciting performances from online guests but also lively exchanges and thrilling moments on-site. In the Bacon Party event, the interaction between Zhang Xiaowo and Harry He, two masters, and the numerous magicians and enthusiasts who participated illuminated the entire event. They not only brought their unique magic skills but also ignited the spark of the atmosphere, pushing the entire event to a climax.

In this fiery exchange scene, thoughts collided, skills competed, as if every participant was bathed in a sea of creativity. From small props to profound skills, each exchange was a feast for the mind, and each learning experience was a challenge to oneself.

In this Lantern Festival Bacon Party PRO, every figure was engaged in earnest communication and learning, jointly creating a magnificent magic feast.

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