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Bacon Magic

Animal-Themed Playing Cards

Animal-Themed Playing Cards

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  • High-quality plastic playing cards produced by 808 Magic Card Company.
  • Ideal for cardistry and smooth card trick handling.
  • More durable and weighty than paper cards.
  • Fully customized face.
  • 3D craftsmanship card box.
  • The Chinese translation of the text on the side of the card box is: "Love me, don't abandon me" and "Adopt, don't shop."

The faces and backs of these playing cards have been meticulously crafted by professional artists, featuring irresistible cat and dog-themed illustrations. These playing cards are not only a testament to craftsmanship and unique style, but they are also designed for animal lovers of all ages and those who appreciate exquisite design. Whether you're playing cards with friends or simply admiring the exquisite illustrations, this deck of playing cards will become a cherished addition to your collection while also expressing a deep love for animals.

Our project has a noble purpose: to raise awareness about the ethical treatment of animals and the issue of animal homelessness. Through animated, cartoonish brushwork, we've illustrated dozens of different dog and cat breeds, aiming to inspire more people to appreciate the adorable nature of these furry companions. By doing so, we hope to encourage greater kindness and compassion towards animals in our daily lives.

808 Magic Playing Card and Bacon Playing Card co-production.

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