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Chinese Sticks by Sui Huazhi

Chinese Sticks by Sui Huazhi

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  • High-quality huanghuali wood construction, durable and hand-polished.
  • Unique square-slotted design with lead weights, ensuring smooth operation without rope tangling.
  • Handcrafted dandelion-like yellow thread balls are included, enhancing visibility and preventing rope tangles.
  • Unique magnetic locking mechanism allowing the weight block to be locked, enabling it to the audience for inspection.

Chinese Sticks, also known as "Yin-Yang Sticks" or "Thread Sticks" in some regions, are a traditional Chinese magic trick. Bacon Magic collaborates with Sui Huazhi to introduce these high-quality Chinese Sticks for those who love Chinese magic. The sticks are made of two wooden rods, each with two threads at the front end. When a magician pulls one end of the thread, it causes the other threads to extend and retract, creating unpredictable and interactive performances.

Crafted from high-quality huanghuali wood, the sticks are durable and resistant to deformation. Hand-polished for a superior feel, the cylindrical design appears ordinary without any suspicious features.

Internal Structure:
The sticks feature a square-slotted design with matching square lead weights inside, ensuring the ropes inside do not twist or tangle. The ends fit tightly and operate smoothly.

Additional Details:
Comes with handcrafted dandelion-like yellow thread balls, reflecting Sui Huazhi's ingenuity. The yellow color contrasts with the red sticks, making it visible even to distant audiences. The dandelion-like design increases air resistance, preventing the ropes from tangling during performances. For those who prefer red fuzzy balls, a red one is included for replacement.

- Chinese Sticks
- yellow thread ball
- red pompom

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