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Easy Ambigram by NameKin

Easy Ambigram by NameKin

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  • Created by NameKin and Bacon Magic, Easy Ambigram features a hidden numeric prediction matching chosen cards.
  • The front hints also use combined numbers, revealed by the magician's keychain twist.
  • Easy for beginners, Easy Ambigram offers a captivating magic performance anytime, anywhere.

Easy Ambigram, created by renowned magician Jiang Zhenghua (NameKin) and meticulously crafted by Bacon Magic, features a hidden numeric prediction on the back. Magicians can have the audience select multiple cards and magically reveal that the numbers match the chosen cards, leaving the audience astonished.

What's even more astonishing is that the hints on the front of Easy Ambigram are also composed of combined numbers. At the end of the performance, as the magician gently turns the keychain, the audience will be surprised to find that the hints are also formed by their chosen card numbers. This clever ending significantly enhances the otherwise relatively ordinary prediction effect. Easy Ambigram doesn't require complex skills and can be easily mastered even by novice magicians. It offers a wonderful performance opportunity, showcasing the charm of magic anytime, anywhere.

- Easy Ambigram

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