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Bacon Magic

Egg Bottle by Long Long

Egg Bottle by Long Long

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  • Long Long's favorite opening routine of the year
  • Simple operation, easy to learn and use, portable
  • Light-hearted and fun routine suitable for all ages
  • Suitable for various close-up and medium-distance performance settings;
  • Seamlessly connects with the silk to egg transformation routine.

Long Long brings us an intriguing new magic trick: Egg Bottle. This routine is perfect as an opening act for performances.

The magician takes out a salt shaker and sprinkles some "magic powder" on a toy egg, claiming that he has endowed the fake egg with "life." He then manipulates the fake egg, which hilariously emits a "sound."

Next, the magician sprinkles more "magic powder" on the egg, and this time, the toy egg transforms into a real one, even breaking it into a glass for the audience to inspect!

This entire routine is light-hearted, direct in its effect, and easy to master with a little practice. It's recommended for magicians who frequently perform for commercial audiences or children's shows!

- saltcellar
- plastic egg

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