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Bacon Magic

Erlich's ACAAN by Erlich Zhang

Erlich's ACAAN by Erlich Zhang

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  • No sleight of hand is required, can be repeated immediately.
  • The audience can freely cut the cards.
  • Only one set of props cards is needed.
  • Comes with detailed written & video tutorials.

The Bagler's Effect (ACAAN) has drawn countless magicians to unravel its mysteries. After extensive design and contemplation, Erlich Zhang presents his personal rendition: Erlich's ACAAN. Created in 2019 by Erlich Zhang, the mastermind behind Bacon Laboratory, Erlich's ACAAN is a powerful set of props for card magic. It effortlessly showcases legendary card magic without complex techniques, thanks to its advanced technology and meticulous design.

During Magifest in early 2020, when presented to renowned American magicians, Other Brothers, they were amazed by Erlich Zhang's unique solution to the challenges they faced with similar ideas. Erlich's ACAAN not only achieves the Bagler's Effect but also facilitates other card magic effects like forced selections and predictions. It stands as a masterpiece of innovation in the world of magic, providing magicians with a reliable tool to create spectacular miracles on stage, whether they pursue classic traditions or avant-garde innovations.

- a deck of blue props cards
- instruction manual

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