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Bacon Magic

Frozen Time Playing Cards 6 Deck Set

Frozen Time Playing Cards 6 Deck Set

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  • Printed on 280g Japanese black core paper.
  • Three Jokers and the Ace of Spades have been redesigned.
  • Three Kings have been enhanced with clever small designs.
  • Produced by Bacon Playing Card Company (BPCC) using Air El pressing technology.

Introducing the exclusive deck for the Immersive Magic Bar and Theater—"Frozen Time."

The card backs are rich with elements of time: gears, hourglasses, and clocks, along with essential elements representing the bar. At the center of the card back lies a circular clock motif, not only hiding the logo of the Frozen Time Bar but also making the cards more eye-catching during flourishes and magic tricks. The color scheme exudes vintage elegance, hinting at a wild steampunk vibe.

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