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Harapan Ong

I Am Not a Cardist by Harapan Ong

I Am Not a Cardist by Harapan Ong

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I Am Not a Cardist is a book that represents both my current identity as a magician and my past identity as a cardist-wannabe. It is a two-sided book with a total of six brand new and unpublished card effects that can be performed with just a normal deck of cards.

The first side, titled “I Am Not a Cardist”, contains three hard-hitting pieces of original card magic that are sure to please. Flip the book around and you’ll find “I am a Cardist”, which contains three flashier card tricks, each involving a little bit of cardistry.

Don’t worry - even if you aren’t a cardist, you’ll be able to follow along with over 100 vibrant photos and a QR code to full performance videos for all the routines in the book that will ensure a seamless learning experience.

Which side do you start reading from? Simply follow the flowchart wrapped around the book cover to discover which side might appeal to you more - or be a free spirit and just read both sides (highly recommended option).

So, expand your horizons and discover your inner cardist / non-cardist with my latest book, I Am Not a Cardist.

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