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Li Yue Playing Cards 6 Deck Set

Li Yue Playing Cards 6 Deck Set

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  • The card backs feature metallic ink.
  • The tuck case is made of special paper with gold foil stamping.
  • Printed using Air El printing technology.
  • Produced on 280g Japanese black core paper.
  • Joker, Card Back, and the Ace of Spades have been redesigned.
  • Includes a double-backer and a blank-faced card as gaff cards.

Li Yue, a renowned magician in China, and a new-generation idol of magic, has won numerous major awards.

The playing cards are designed by professional artists, with the centerpiece of the card back featuring a diamond-shaped pattern formed by Baroque-style lettering. Concealed within this intricate design are the letters Y, U, and E.

The rest of the card back is divided into multiple sections, incorporating many performance elements of magician Li Yue, such as a microphone representing music, a water tank and iron chains representing escapology, and the silhouette of Li Yue.

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