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Magical Gift From Magician by Erlich Zhang

Magical Gift From Magician by Erlich Zhang

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  • Innovative Solution to Classic Mystery Puzzle
  • Precision-Made and Performer-Friendly
  • Comprehensive Package for Performers

"Cube in Bottle" is a classic, mystery puzzle: try to place a Magic Cube that clearly cannot fit inside a bottle, due to the small bottleneck, inside the bottle. This seems totally impossible. Yet it can be done! Even magicians will be excited by the incredible secret. Being able to reproduce this process quickly and gracefully in performance is a desire that countless magicians have been seeking for a long time, but have never achieved.

Until now! A genius idea come from nothing, as if a gift given to the magician by the gods made this dream come true. Magical Gift From Magician was born.

Each set of Magical Gift from Magician is precision-made by hand. The gimmick's design is very exquisite and complex, and the Magic Cube can be mixed. Then magician can put the Magic Cube into the bottle directly in front of the audience.

When you receive this prop, you will be impressed by the creator's genius idea and clever gimmick.

We took into account every detail to ensure that this prop can really be used in performances. You can give this "Cube in Bottle" to the audience as a souvenir after the show. Get yours TODAY!

- a precision-made gimmick Magic Cube
- a regular Magic Cube
- a glass bottle
- a detailed instructional DVD

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