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Sleight Club Special Deal

Sleight Club Special Deal

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Zee usually has the Ultimate Classic Pass for $25 and the Retention Z: Revisited for $30.

We have made a special deal with him to make sure more people can check out his sleight of hand materials.

Now, If you get Ultimate Classic Pass today, then you will get Retention Z: Revisites for free! 

Ultimate Classic Pass:

In Ultimate Classic Pass, you will learn:
- Theories on sleight of hand
- Demo Pass: Classic Pass for demonstration purposes
- Worker Pass: Virtually angle-proof Classic Pass for everyday use

Retention Z: Revisited

In Retention Z: Revisited, you will learn:

- Understanding different types of false transfers
- Toss Retention
- Roth Retention
- Coin Through Hand V. 1
- Grab Retention
- Coin Through Hand V. 2
- Gogh Retention
- Offset Retention
- ROPS Move
- Ukawa Retention + TIP
- Ukawa Sub. Retention

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