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Smoke PAD by Wang Ji

Smoke PAD by Wang Ji

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  • Versatile Smoke Pad: Ideal for close-up magic with a spacious layout and customizable smoke output.
  • Premium Design: Hand-polished wood frame and high-quality black flannelette provide a retro look and smooth texture.
  • Efficient Operation: Three silent smoke modules, a rechargeable battery, and a quick recharge time ensure quiet, long-lasting performance for up to 100 uses per charge.

The Smoke Pad balances size and portability, you can spread a full deck of cards on it. It is suitable for a variety of routines. You can also use it for most close-up magic when you go out to perform.

The frame of the Smoke Pad is hand-polished with high-quality wood, with a strong retro texture. The flannelette of the Smoke Pad is made of high-quality black flannelette with outstanding hand feeling, and its material density is moderate, and will not hinder the smoke.

There are 3 custom smoke output modules (left, center, right) put into the pad (Mini Size only has 1 module), with an ATmega high-performance processor. By using the remote control, you can make these 3 modules produce smoke separately or at the same time.

These 3 modules adopt a silent fan, they will be quiet and silent after you turn the pad on, there is just a very small and negligible smoke gas melting sound.

This pad uses rechargeable batteries and can be fully charged in 3-4 hours. It can be used at least 100 times with full power and smoke oil. One smoke-produce (click the remote control button one time) lasts 5 seconds (including 1 second of preheating time).

Mini Pad:
1 Smoke output modules;
Overall size: 32cm x 22cm x 3cm;
Flannelette: 30cm x 20cm;

Standard Pad:
3 Smoke output modules;
Overall size: 42cm x 32cm x 3cm
Flannelette: 40cm x 30cm

- Smoke Pad
- remote control(Black&White, Random)
- charger
- supplement smoke oil
- instructions

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