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The Expert at the Card Table Notebook by Wang Yu

The Expert at the Card Table Notebook by Wang Yu

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  • Magic Inspired: Designed by magician Wang Yu, drawing from the classic "The Expert at the Card Table" for authentic magic feel.
  • High-Quality: Features durable PU cover and premium paper for smooth writing, ensuring your magic notes stay pristine.
  • Personalized Magic Space: With blank pages, it becomes your unique magic haven, ready for your insights and routines.

Magician Wang Yu, known for his performances at the Spring Festival Gala, brings you this exquisite magic accessory: The Expert at the Card Table. Specially crafted for card enthusiasts and magicians, it provides you with a beautiful tool to explore the world of magic.

The design inspiration comes from the timeless classic "The Expert at the Card Table," a masterpiece in the history of magic. This book is not just a treasury of techniques but also a symbol of card artistry. The notebook mimics its cover style and is adorned with gold stamping, adding luxury and mystery. Every time you flip through the notebook, you can feel the profoundness of card magic.

Measuring 175mm x 95mm with 96 pages, it's convenient to carry and use on the go. The soft and durable PU material is used for the cover, while the high-quality paper is selected for the pages, ensuring smooth writing of your magic notes without ink bleed-through.

Each page of the notebook is blank, waiting for you to jot down your magic insights, techniques, and routines. As time goes by, it will become your personal magic sanctuary. The back of the notebook features a card pattern, the "7 of Hearts," for performing prediction effects.

It is hoped that this notebook will accompany you throughout your magical journey, becoming a source of inspiration for you.

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